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Welcome to Backroad Games!
We are a team of two independent game developers looking to do for a living what we love, creating dreams with passion.

Nuclear Bananas Christmas Edition



This Christmas Santa joins the conflict. Special Xmas Nuclear Devices for everyone!
Set your missile angle and power to Win the ultimate conflict of human kind.

Select one of the four countries available for this Apocalyptic conflict: USA, RUSSIA, CHINA, NORTH KOREA and more...

• Campaign Mode: Defeat your enemies to conquer the earth! Or whatever is left of it...
• Versus mode with local multiplayer at random generated levels.
• Unlockeable characters.

Take command on the Full Out Nuclear War and go NUCLEAR BANANAS!
Whoever wins, we all loose!

Other Projects

First Person Megaman Project
First Person Megaman Unofficial Fan-Made its a free to play ongoing project, remake of the NES (Nintendo Entertainmen System) classic Megaman original series.
We are Megaman fans and as a tribute to this legendary saga that has been one of the games that has inspired us the most to take this path in the development of video games we chose it to carry out this project.

We aim to get as close as we can to the Nintendo (NES) version of 1987 both in sounds and graphics, with some added concepts without altering the source material. We want to include secret areas and bonus stages hidden in the levels in a way they don't alter their original spirit and are accessible by means of weapons or skills obtained.

Why Gutsman?
As fans of this series we wanted the first enemy to be the classic Met and he can only be found in the Gutsman level. We wanted the first megabuster to be shot at a Met.

The complete classic series!
Megaman 1 to 6 (NES) and maybe... Beyond. The ultimate goal of this proyect is to cover all 6 NES original Megaman titles. Each episode will cover a game including all its correspondant features, for instance the slide move will be available on Episode 3 (Megaman 3), the charged megabuster on Episode 4 (Megaman 4) and so on. The idea is that the character progression and upgrades mirrors the original timeline. If we can advance enough we can even enter into the Megaman X era.

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